Monday, 6 August 2007

Stairwell 48 (4Ever4Life)

Stairwell 48 (4Ever4Life)

Today's track is made up entirely of the sounds of the stairwell in our building, Number 48. The lyrics are taken from the grafitti on the walls. We decided to focus on 'love' as a theme. Maybe later we'll use some of the more juicy offerings on show. The rhythm track is the sound of the railings and handrails being hit with various metal objects, the guitar was recorded on the stairs and the stunning vocals are by Sproutbau participants Irina Radke and Yannick Radeke. The addition of actual Sproutbau participants has started an interaction with the inhabitants of the building which we hope will become a regular feature. We want Sproutbaurecord to be both a document of the building and an opportunity for its inhabitants to collaborate and make new music within its walls. Thank you to them!


Team N. said...

I totally dig this one! Excellent!

Annette said...

Love this one!