Tuesday, 28 August 2007

The Drilling Song

The Drilling Song

The Drilling Song is a metaphysical tribute to all the drilling and hammering going on at the Sproutbau right now. Four days until the Betonale and the walls are coming down. The rhythm track is made entirely of sounds of walls being collapsed, holes being cast and rubble hitting the floor. The lyrics deal in a more metaphorical currency:

Been drilling time forever
through the walls around my mind
Hammer and saw and I see it more
the light was never there
Break it
Smash it
Shake it
Crash it
Drill it
Screw it
Crash right
Through it

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dan+Trish!

Sorry for us being that late but we were driving around in spain and are now in the stress of our final days in bcn... I just wanted to make a short visit here for now and beg u to NOT DELETE this blog to fast: we wanna hear and read the whole stuff back en austria!!!
I chose this song because I liked the idea at first and after listening to it I like it much more because I like the sound of Dan's voice like behind a wall:) Hope you enjoy your stay and we'll see u 2 somewhen again - when u come to austria and the city of Innsbruck u got a place 2 sleep!

cu y besos