Sunday, 5 August 2007

Music for a Found Sink

Music For A Found Sink

Today is the first in our series, HausMusik. This sub-series in our project will be based entirely on the sounds of the building itself, with no other instrumental input. We want to explore the musicality hidden within this multistorey building - letting objects, fixtures, fittings and structures become instruments in their own right. We want to give the building a chance to speak its own rhythms and melodies, and through this draw attention to the sounds in the space surrounding us as inhabitants.

Today we walked through various rooms and passageways until we came upon a broken sink, half on the wall, half in pieces on the floor. One thing led to another, but after constructing a makeshift xylophone from pieces of the washbasin, we decided the sink's melody was so complex and beautiful it deserved a full days attention!


occam said...

Haus der Lüge (Einstürzende Neubauten) vs. Haus der Wahrheit (Sproutbauten)

Thanks for Sharing, good to see the first pieces flow from the sproutbau to the net.

Daniel Schnier said...

great work. fantastic stuff you made. so lets go further. it`s gonna be alright, it is a old song from the 70ies.

record more°°°!!!!||||||||||