Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Wir Weben

Wir Weben

Wir Weben is the sounds of the sewing room here at Sproutbau. Trish recorded half an hour of the whirring and clanking of the machines and the soft chatter of the room which we then arranged into an intricate, mechanical sounding theme. We intended the piece to convey the rhythm of the machinery interpersed with the comments and under-the-breath concentration of the workers. The voiceover was suggested and read by Karena and is a poem written by Heinrich Heiner about the weavers of Germany during the early C19th. The original poem was a satirical swipe at the goverment of the time and a call for the weavers of Germany to build the country's death shroud. (Original poem here.) Whilst this gives the piece a darker undertone we hope it will encourage the people of Sproutbau to continue 'weaving' its future!

Thanks to the Sproutbau sewing team and Heinrich Heiner!

If you're interested in the glitchy sonics of the track then check out this article written by David Byrne a few years ago. It touches upon some of the themes we are exploring in Wir Weber:

What Is Blip Hop?

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