Monday, 13 August 2007

Sunday Morning Silences

Sunday Morning Silences

Sunday Morning Silences was originally intended to be a tranquil piece reflecting the calm the Sproutbau exudes early on a sunny Sunday. However once we'd recorded 17 silences around the building - on the roof, in stairwells, in rooms - and listened back to them we realised how much background noise a city generates. Only with silence can you hear the ever present hum of the autobahn one kilometre away. The distant call of voices and the hum of electricity and other sources of power are illuminated. So instead this piece became a track about the sounds we all filter out - the hum at the borders, the white noise. We fed the silences through a simple frequency filter and certain sounds become even more clear; the lower frequencies especially. This track is definitely best played loud, but mind your speakers! Stay tuned for the dubstep remix.


occam said...

Silence ist Sexy!

Anonymous said...

You could make a whole DubStep RMX LP out of this great sounds. Baukestra & The Drilling Song are great too.
Very interesting work.