Thursday, 9 August 2007

Music for A Found Bathtub

Music For A Found Bathtub

The next in our Haus Musik series, Music For A Found Bathtub, explores the hidden depths of a regular bathtub. The tub was found in one of the deserted flats here and is being used as a container for a bread-making project at Sproutbau. Before starting their mammoth task of constructing a sofa from dough we engaged Tomas and Benedict into a round of drumming, with help from Trish and Daniel the architect. We took the resulting Song of the Bath and edited it into a lolling seaward vessel and then enrolled the help of other Sproutbau inhabitants Daniel and Dennis to recreate the aqualine contentment of bathing. We hope the finished piece conveys the joy of the bath and doesn't make you seasick.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I can´t download and listen to this one, there is some data problem. Could you try to upload the track again, please? THX!